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JDM Drifting T Shirts

As you may know, at The Drift Company we have a passion for JDM. We also happen to love the soft, smooth feeling of a fresh t-shirt. So, we asked ourselves, why not combine both loves? Made with care and completely unique, our one-of-kind JDM t-shirts revel in the simplicity of Japanese design. It doesn’t matter if you’re stitching a bumper or drifting around a corner, our JDM t-shirts ensure you stay stylish wherever you are. Featuring a detailed Nissan PS13 and “Drift King” written in Japanese katakana, our 100% cotton jersey t-shirts are both iconic and historic—recognising the efforts of Keiichi “Drift King” Tsuchiya, the man who brought drift culture to the masses. Why Drifters Love our Range of JDM Tshirts: Fine Jersey (100% Cotton) for a smooth, soft and comfortable wear all day long. 18 different colours to match any outfit or style. Standard sizing (S through to 3XL) to ensure the perfect fit. Durable rib neckband ensures your JDM t-shirt lasts more than a few drifts. Clean design of the PS13 to show the world you’re a drift king. Ride the Rainbow with our Drifting Tshirts Our unisex fine Jersey (100% cotton) drift t-shirts come in a wide-range of colours. Choose from chocolate, charcoal, light pink, sapphire, daisy, military green and more. No matter which colour you pick, the red “rising sun” and sparkling PS13 will pop, catching the eye of any JDM fan. Choose the Perfect PS13 JDM Tshirt With a large assortment of fabric colours to choose from, we also have three colour options for the PS13 logo, allowing you to further customise your t-shirt. Choose from classic white, black or grey to find the perfect combination. Mix and match your drifting tshirt collection with different PS13s and shirt colours. Inspiration for our JDM T-Shirts: The Original Drift King Drifting began in Japan as early as the 1970s when race car driver Kunimitsu Takahashi started experimenting with new rear wheel techniques. Noticeably flashy and different than any other race car driver at the time, Takahashi drew large crowds thanks to his squealing and smoking tail slides and unique racing style. But it wasn’t until Keiichi Tsuchiya began racing that drifting became part of mainstream Japanese car culture. The self-made “Drift King” of Japan, Tsuchiya took Takahashi’s nontraditional racing techniques and trained on a mountain, drifting his PS13 along the winding snow-covered roads of Japan’s mountain ranges. Using Takahashi’s style as a foundation, Tsuchiya pushed both himself and his cars to an exciting new level and brought drifting as we know it to professional racing. Since then, Japanese car culture has become synonymous with drifting. Our PS13 JDM t-shirts not only commemorate the achievements of Keiichi Tsuchiya and Kunimitsu Takahashi but anyone who decides to claim the mantle of Drift King! The Legendary PS13 Since Nissan debuted the S13 in 1989, it’s become one of the most iconic drifting cars in the world. From grass-roots racing events to Grand Prix tournaments, the S13 is admired by professionals and beginners alike. Because Nissan produced so many S13s, the chassis is both relatively easy to find and affordable. It’s extremely lightweight: about 2,500 lbs after weight reduction. And thanks to a long wheelbase, the S13 is easy to stabilise mid-drift, making it a perfect choice for beginners to learn on. Together, the size, price, weight, wheelbase and balance of the S13 make it a remarkably dynamic chassis for anyone seeking to drift. We honour the formidability of this exceptional car with a JDM t-shirt that will inspire a future generation of drifters!

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