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Drift Style iPad Case - JDM Drifting Motorsport Racing

Take a bit of drift culture with you wherever you go with these stylish and sturdy JDM iPad cases. If you’re like us, you love showing off your drift car to anyone that’ll stop to listen. While scrolling through your smartphone for the best photo is certainly acceptable, why not give your car the presentation it deserves by using the large 13-inch display of an iPad to highlight every detail? While at home, your JDM iPad case will remind you and your family about your high-speed hobby. Brighten your morning commute with a drift-themed iPad case that boldly announces your devotion. Slip on the Los Angeles 2017 Drivers Club USA drift case and see how quickly you can strike up a conversation with a fellow drifter in disguise. Our drifting iPad cases come in a variety of bright and dynamic designs and make an excellent companion for your iPad Air, iPad or iPad Pro. We use moulded shatterproof plastic in every case to ensure it’s lightweight, durable and extremely protective. Installation is as easy as snapping the case to the back of your iPad device. Never suffer an unseemly ding or scratch with our drift iPad cases! Why use a JDM iPad case? An iPad case provides effective protection at an affordable price. The iPad’s anodised aluminium backing is a notorious scratch magnet, so a protective case is a must unless you want to live with glaring scrapes and dings. iPad cases are also great for those of us who have a hard time holding onto our devices. We’ve lost track of how many times an iPad has unintentionally slipped out of our hands, only to smash into the ground with a heart-stopping crunch. Avoid permanent damage by slipping a JDM iPad case onto your device. If you intend to trade-up or sell your device in the future, an iPad case is essential for getting more mileage out of your device while keeping it in near mint condition. Never fear, iPad is here The next time you hit the drift course, you won’t have to worry about whether your device gets banged up in your car or backpack. Toss your iPad in your drift car and take it for a spin. The next time you slide into a drift, your iPad will remain intact and pristine. Use this opportunity to take more photos and videos of the drift course without worrying about damaging your device. Match your lifestyle with a Drift iPad case No matter where you find yourself, a drifting iPad case matches your JDM lifestyle. Our iPad cases are inspired by Japanese culture, The Fast and the Furious and iconic drift automobiles. Snap on a different drift-themed case to match your mood or style. Add some style to your iPad with a colourful JDM case that reflects your passion for drifting. Collect every JDM iPad case Are you a drifting fanatic? Whether you love the cars, the JDM culture or all the drifting paraphernalia that’s available, our exclusive JDM iPad cases make an excellent addition to any fan’s collection. Collect each unique case, swap them in and out, or build your collection of JDM gear with an assortment of specialised cases.

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