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Drift Style Phone Case - JDM Drifting Motorsport Racing

Does your iPhone collect scratches faster than you can say Drift Day UK? You might need a JDM iPhone case to protect your smartphone from blemishes, cuts and dings. Not only is a JDM iPhone case a great way to guard your electronic device, but it also matches your high-speed and adventurous lifestyle. From colourful red and white Japanese-inspired drift motifs to stylishly minimal JDM-themed decals and illustrations, we have just the right iPhone case for any drift lover. Whether you want something flashy or subdued, our drift iPhone cases pair well with any personality and style. Take a piece of drift culture with you wherever you go. Snap a JDM iPhone case onto your phone today! Why use a JDM iPhone case? We drop our iPhone as often as we change our rear tyres—everyday. The slightest turn seems to send our iPhone flying from our pocket. If you’re like us, then an iPhone case is crucial for keeping the screen intact and the back scratch-free. From the original iPhone to the latest iPhone 8 and the new iPhone X, Apple’s iconic device is notorious for attracting dings and scratches. If you intend to trade-up or sell your device in the future, an iPhone case is essential for getting more mileage out of your device while keeping it in pristine condition. Cost-effective Phone Armour iPhones can be more expensive than an S13 drift chassis, yet we casually toss it into pockets full of change or backpacks brimming with sharp car tools. Why risk damaging your valuable iPhone when you can protect it with an affordable and durable drifting iPhone case? Cases are the best way to extend the lifespan of your phone while ensuring you maintain its value. Drift in Style Just like your car as it careens around Driftland, a JDM iPhone case is both memorable and eye-catching. Our drift iPhone cases come in a wide-range of colours and styles, including Japanese and German-inspired drifting designs, Andry Cyborg Street Racing Dream Team, Drift Mania, Team Tokyo Racing and other drift related imagery. No matter which iPhone case you choose, you’ll elevate your drifting gear to the next level. Choose your Protection Do you prefer lightweight cars and lightning fast turns, or are you the kind of drifter that likes raw power and muscle? Our drift iPhone cases come in two varieties: a lightweight Snap version that protects from everyday scrapes and scratches and a Tough case that has an additional silicone insert for extra durability and protection. Both versions deliver excellent protection and are guaranteed to keep your phone safe year-round. A Unique Assortment of JDM iPhone Cases Our iPhone cases are one-of-a-kind and exclusive to the Drift Company, and fit every iPhone model made since the iPhone 5c, the Galaxy S6 and S7, and the Samsung S8. Choose from the lightweight Snap or durable Tough version, and select either a matte or gloss finish. Add each iPhone case to your drift accessory collection, and you’ll be able to mix-and-match your smartphone’s style for any occasion.

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