All About Tow Hooks

We have all had to deal with towing before, whether it was us doing the towing or the ones being towed. But, how much do you know about the equipment used in towing? Today you will learn about a few different types of towing hooks, their uses, and where you can buy one for a competitive price.


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What Are Tow Hooks & Why Do You Need One?


This might seem like a silly question, but it is an important thing to consider. Accidents happen – cars break down, trucks get stuck, racing can get dicey – and in these kinds of situations, you want to have all of the right tools and preparation to best handle it. A towing hook for the car is an attachment for your vehicle, whatever it may be, that can be used to help pull it out of a tight spot, such as getting stuck in the mud or breaking down on the side of the road.


Tow hooks are an increasingly popular addition for a variety of vehicles, including:


  • Cars and trucks
  • Civilian vehicles
  • Working or construction vehicles


  • Racing vehicles


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All automobiles could benefit from having a tow hook, but the catch is making sure you have the correct attachment for your vehicle and for the types of situations you may find yourself in. After all, a drifting car will not encounter the same troubles as a truck meant for off-roading.


This is where the distinction in tow hook types comes in. There are a few different categories that you can find a hook, all of which vary in size, shape, purpose, and even materials or colours in some cases.


The main categories are:


  • Grab hook
  •  Slip hook
  •  Pintle hook
  •  Racing hook
  •  J-hook
  •  JDM tow hook


Some of these categories overlap, but each one serves a certain purpose.


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Different Types and Recommended Models


Grab Hooks


Grab hooks are also sometimes referred to as mount tow hooks. These are the more “heavy-duty” members of the tow ring family, typically used on off-road vehicles and heavier trucks. These are usually better suited for situations in which the wheels of the vehicle cannot move freely, like when they are stuck in the mud or sand. They can also be used to lift vehicles that have stalled. Grab hooks usually have a latch that can be used to secure it in place.


The most popular kind of grab is available on Amazon, along with video games and everything. These are sturdy, reliable, and come with the chain needed to do the actual towing. It is a great deal for anyone looking for a good set of grab hooks.


If those are not what you are looking for, you can find plenty of options for low prices on Amazon along with toys games and everything by clicking below– or use your own search!


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Slip Hooks


In some ways, slip hooks are similar to grab hooks. They are often similar in shape, but slips have a “clip” of sorts used for added security. These are typically heavy-duty hooks, like their counterparts, and are used in situations where a vehicle may be otherwise unable to move freely. They can hold a large amount of weight and are better suited to larger trucks. Both grab and slip hooks are typically mounted on the front of the vehicles, though there are always exceptions.


One of the highest-rated slip hooks is the Clevis slip hook. It is large, durable, and very strong – capable of even the toughest towing jobs. It is available on Amazon for a great price!


To search for slip hook examples or buy one at an affordable rate, check out Amazon’s selection.


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Pintle Hook


If the slip and grab hooks sounded heavy duty, they are nowhere near as intense as pintle hooks. These are specifically designed for much heavier loads, such as trailers, and are also referred to as pintle hitches.


These are usually attached to the rear of a vehicle and are used for hauling or towing trailers. The hook features a clipping mechanism of sorts to secure the trailer into place. Some pintle hitches also keep too much stress or pressure from buckling down the vehicle doing the towing – they may have a ball, either rotating or stationary, that allows more freedom of movement for the trailer, and keeps extra pressure off the car or truck.


The CURT 48004 Pintle is one of Amazon’s bestsellers, and one of the most recommended pintle hitches on the market. It is not overly clunky or unappealing to the eye, and it is great for trailers of all sizes.


Or, if you need to search for a different pintle for your trailer, consider an Amazon search for a low price deal.


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Racing Hook


These are designed specifically for the sporty, robust racing cars. It can be attached at either the front or rear end of the car, and in some cases is mainly for aesthetic appeal, since racing cars are all about the sleek, intimidating appearance. This is particularly true for street racers. However, they are not solely for looks – they are functional as you would expect, in the case of a car failing to start or stalling prior to or during a race.


There are tons of racing hooks available, and many styles to choose from, but one of the coolest found on Amazon is here – it has a circular design and a striking red colour that would look great on many a racing car.


As you can see from the racing hooks available on Amazon, there are many different colours and designs. If you are a racer, consider buying one of these for your car.


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J-Hooks are, in essence, a specific type of grab hook. They are J-shaped, as their name suggests, and they come in various lengths, thicknesses, and densities. The type of J-hook you will need depends on the size of your vehicle and the type of situations you expect to encounter. This is the type of tow hook often found on your everyday tow trucks, used for transporting and securing cars after accidents or breakdowns. They also allow you to drive a little faster whilst towing.


This set, from Amazon, features strong chain accessories and sleek golden colour. It has consistently good reviews and can be used for many different vehicles.


This tool comes in all sorts of sizes and colours, and you can find the right one for a great price with Amazon’s search and next day delivery (as long as they are some left). They have great customer reviews.


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JDM Tow Hook


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There are specific types of hooks and equipment used when it comes to JDM and JDM racing. JDM, or Japanese domestic market, are cars specifically engineered, left-hand drive and designed to follow the regulations of left-hand side Japanese roads. This market has produced a mass following and the sport of drifting, which can be dangerous and requires specific modifications and accessories.


For those who participate in drifting and other fast car activities, you want a car tow hook that will be right for your car and for the potentially strenuous situations you may or may not end up in. For this reason, you can find JDM tow hooks specifically designed for these cars and these drifting situations.


The JDM tow hooks often come in different colours, shapes and product types, because – as with regular racing hooks – a lot of the appeal of them is aesthetic; it makes the car look cooler and more dangerous. Still, as with their sibling the racing hook, a JDM tow hook is still functional for towing purposes, should a car ever break down or end up in an accident in a drifting scenario.


You can find JDM tow hooks in nearly any colour and size, to suit the aesthetic needs of the fast racers. Regardless, one of the best (and coolest) on the market is this beautiful and functional purple product on Amazon with next day delivery.


You can find more great deals on JDM tow hooks here on Amazon, with all sorts of colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Whatever products you are looking for, you can find it with fast delivery and great customer reviews!


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Tow hooks are, of course, a massively helpful product in any sort of stressful car situation. When you break down, or you are in an accident, or you are stuck somewhere after driving too fast, having a tow hook on your vehicle can make a terrible situation a bit easier to cope with.


When choosing the right one for you, keep in mind that type of vehicles you have, the situations that you may be buying this equipment for, and the materials used. Heavy-duty situations might call for a more durable material like stainless steel, where simpler situations (like with racing) can use a lightweight aluminium version of a tow hook, depending on the size of the car.


The type of machinery that you use will always depend on the size of your car and the reasons you need one. With so many types, sizes, and models out there, you need to put careful consideration into the kind you choose to buy. Luckily, the extensive selection means you are bound to find the one that is perfect for your needs. Whatever the case may be, investing in tow hook products for your vehicle is never a bad choice, and you may one day find yourself grateful that you chose to buy one.


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