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The Best UK Drift Events

Posted on November 08 2017


Do you spend way too many afternoons playing Need for Speed on the PlayStation? If you’ve mastered drifting on the couch, it may be time swap the controller for the real thing, and head to some of the best UK drift events. There are plenty held around the country catering for the complete novices through to the experienced pro. See the list of epic drift events below that will keep you busy all year round.


British Drift Championships (BDC):

The British Drift Championship is the hottest drifting event in the UK. With hundreds of drivers showcasing their skills on some of the toughest circuits in the country, this is one series you won’t want to miss.

Since its inaugural event in 2008, the British Drift Championship has grown in popularity. More drivers and spectators from around the world are coming to join in the fun each year. Once you head to one of these events, chances are you’ll be hooked.

Experience the super-fast circuit at the UK’s home of drifting, Teesside Autodrome, to the only purpose built drifting track in the country at Driftland. And if that’s not enough, the rivalry between the British and International drivers at the Battle of Britain is as fierce as Manchester United Vs Liverpool! Head down if you don’t believe us. With plenty of opportunities to see the pro’s go head-to-head, why not check it out?

Drift Cup:

While the British Drift Championship is for the pro’s, Drift Cup is for the amateurs. Drifting has become a favourite pastime and a mainstream sport. This means higher stakes for drivers, more money spent on cars and, you guessed it, sponsors. However, for the authentic drifters that just want to burn some rubber on the weekend, the sport is slowly getting away. That’s why the BDC created Drift Cup, aimed to bring the original spirit back to drifting.

Geared towards the grassroots of the sport, Drift Cup encompasses the early days of drifting where it was all about having fun and putting on a show.

Drift Cup is spread over three one-day championship rounds, held at popular drift venues across the country. Amateurs can take part as long as they haven’t competed in a pro-BDC event over the previous two years. Don’t expect to see Mazda RX7’s or Toyota Supra’s taking suicidal drifts around tight corners. Instead, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere where amateurs can participate, drifting in an old Volvo or Ford Sierra.
It’s at Drift Cup that many spectators feel inspired take the sport more seriously themselves. While this season has just wrapped up, keep an eye on the website for next year’s dates.

Drift Matsuri

Drift Matsuri is the best event for amateurs who drift as a hobby. With no competitive event, except for bragging rights, Drift Matsuri is open to any driver that wants to have a bit of fun in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Expect a decent amount of time on the circuit. Even if you haven’t built the confidence to get out on the track yet, you can still participate as a passenger and come along for the ride.

The event is held in October 2017 at Anglesey Circuit in North Wales, with three tracks varying in technical ability, obstacle difficulty and speed. Drifters can expect a fantastic atmosphere complete with an open pit lane, night time drifting and the infamous ‘Party in the Pits’. It’s an unmissable weekend for the casual drifter, so be sure to book this event well in advance.

Drift What Ya Brung:

 New to drifting? Head to Drift What Ya Brung held at Santa Pod Raceway. Drift What Ya Brung is a non-competitive, day event aimed at helping all skill levels practice drifting in a safe and secure environment.

The venue has four track layouts designed to put your skills to the test, ranging from doughnuts and figure eights for beginners, to a kidney track for intermediate drifters and even an advanced track. It’s worth mentioning that you do need to be a competent drifter to get on the advanced track.

However, this event is all about participation and fun. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice as there are plenty of expert drivers on hand to run through the basics. Plus, if you’re not too sure what it’s all about, take a passenger ride with a fellow drifter for £10.

While Drift What Ya Brung has over 30 acres of open tarmac, there are limited dates and spaces available (60 people per day). So, book early to secure a spot if you want to practice your skills or give drifting a go for the first time.

Norfolk Drift Team Arena:

Norfolk Drift Team holds a series of events and competitions throughout the year at the Adrian Flux Arena in Kings Lynn. The two main events are the Diemax Drift Challenge (excludes non-BDC or Drift Cup drivers) and the Diemax Charity Drift Night Comp (open to all participants). Both events have cash prizes for the top three drivers based on points.
If you’re looking for a bit of fun, head down to one of the Diemax Drift Challenge events and take part for only £70. Passengers can also experience the circuit first-hand, sitting in any drift car on practice laps for only £5. And to top it off, each round ends with an after party. Drifting, drinks and DJ’s, it doesn’t get much better than this!

The Best British Drifting Events:

There you have it. The best drifting events in the UK for both spectators and participants. Whether you’re new to drifting or live and breathe it, there are plenty of events to keep you entertained throughout the year. All that’s left to do is pack your bags, grab your mates and head to one of these popular drift events in the UK. It is either that or stay at home and play on the best drifting games for PS4.

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