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Online Drifting Games: Everything You Are Missing

Posted on June 27 2018

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There are many fun games out there for online and smart-device play, but very few of them offer a truly interactive experience or the challenge to keep things interesting for hours at a time. Car and racing games are some of the most fun games out there, and car drifting games offer even more fun as you try your hand at one of the most challenging techniques ever developed for motorsports, all in the palm of your own hand.

Drifting games are great because they allow you to be much more interactive physically than most other computer or console games. Drifting games require a lot of skill, whether you are with a controller or a computer mouse. If you are looking for some of the best drifting games for PS4, online and more, then check prices on our website today! Or if you are looking for JDM drift equipment such as tow hooks, then look here.

In this guide, we bring you some of the best drifting games available for all platforms, including Play Station 4, Xbox One, PC and online play.


Play Station 4: Absolute Drift (2016)

If you are in it for the purity of drifting, then no other game provides you with just that. Absolute Drift is all about mastering angles, skillfully owning the accelerator, and creating powerful slides. At first, mastering the controls of this drifting game can be difficult, however the advantage is that it does not have a lot of assisting factors that are built into most other drifting games for PS4. This game is truly designed for the purists in mind. While it might be tricky at first, once you have mastered the drift in this game you have mastered it for all other drifting games.

Absolute drift offers a very minimalistic aesthetic and is designed to take away fillers and bloated programming code to allow for a pure drifting experience. The game’s controls are also very simply designed: hold the trigger for speed, steer the car with the analog joystick, and hold the secondary trigger to engage the emergency break when wanting to drift. Aside from those controls, there is also an option to add a clutch as well – making it even more of a challenge when adding manual speed controls. Read on to see why we think this is one of the best drifting games for PS4, before checking the price to grab your own copy.

  • The Game World: As mentioned before, the design and feel of Absolute Drift is very minimalist. There are famous tracks or courses, and no intricately detailed landscapes. The courses are a beige colored with the same colored structures in the form of buildings and walls. There are also tiny movable obstacles like blocks that appear red to stand out from the rest of the structures. These allow you fine-tune your drifting techniques without crashing your car or getting distracted by scenery.

    This car drifting game is perfect for beginners. Just be warned, sometimes breaking through these little barriers means falling off the edge of the course world.
  • The Objective: The goal of this game is simple: become better and better at drifting to create some of the best drift paths you can. The car will leave black tire tread to show the exact path you took. These paths can be saved and published so friends can see your accomplishments.

    There are two modes available in Absolute Drift: Events and Free Roam. Free Roam allows you to try your hand at individual courses available in the drifting game. Events are preset challenges that have to be accomplished in order to advance to the next course. There are also items for collection available on the courses as well. The objective there is to pick them up as you move or drift through the spaces. As you collect them, the game then lets you know how many are left to collect.


Xbox One: Forza Motorsport 6 (2015)

The Forza franchise is incredibly popular among Xbox fundamentalists. The latest in that series, Forza Motorsports 6, raises the bar set by previous Forza games even higher. Out of the gate, the greatest advantage game players will see with this game is the attention to detail paid to the graphics and the genuine feel of the race. As far as a car drifting game goes, Forza 6 outshines legendary simulators like Gran Turismo.

Unlike Absolute Drift, Forza 6 is not just a drifting game and has more traditional street and professional league racing event available as well. What makes Forza 6 a great option for drifting fans however is that it allows to you raise, lower, or eliminate assists altogether. This will allow you to hone your skills at your level. You may want some assistance as you start out and get a feel for all of the courses and the drifting control, then slowly lower the assists as you become more experienced at drifting games.

Forza 6 also incentivizes users to lower or eliminate their assists by increase pint and credit percentages when they are lowered or turned off. For example, turning off traction control automatically increases points and credits by 10 percent.

  • The Courses: As with previous installments of Forza Motorsports drifting games, fans will enjoy notable track returning to this game as well as additional tracks based on actual racing courses around the world. The courses are incredibly well detailed and add a great ambience to game play experiences.

    In addition to great looking courses, the Forza 6 drifting game comes with the addition of rain and night-time racing options. In some of the preset events, enduring rain and slippery tires will be required. The advantage here is how fun rain and night driving will look and feel in drifting modes on Forza 6.
  • Better Artificial Intelligence: Forza 6 offers a more advanced racing AI than previous simulators of its kind. AIs in Forza 6 are now set up based on how other human players may race, giving the user a more organic racing experience. Take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes or become better by playing near perfect racers.

    The AI in Forza 6 is specifically designed to give the user a wide range of unique racer personalities and profiles to perform against, so it does not feel like all the racers in this drifting game are exactly the same.


PC: Assetto Corsa (2017)

One of the great advantages to playing drifting games on PC is the modding factor. Assetto Corsa has been out for several years, but because developers left it open ended, it has since become one of the greatest PC racing simulators available today. Perhaps the greatest feature that Assetto Corsa brings to the table is a compendium of licensed content. That means Assetto Corsa allows you to play with licensed content from big racing names Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche. Many previous PC drifting games did not have licenses to use those cars. Assetto Corsa also comes with a single player version, which is unusual for PC racers, but this allows gamers to hone their skills against the AI before trying their talents against other racers playing car drifting games.

Assetto Corsa boasts a stunning 100 cars and over 20 available courses. The courses are based on real tracks and were laser scanned to provide the absolute closest representation of the track and make the most authentic drifting experience possible. Check the price online now to get the best deal on the Assetto Corsa drifting game.

  • More Buttons: One of the greatest features of Assetto Corsa is the detail that went into the actual gaming interface. Because PC allows for much more on screen control, users can interact with buttons and levers inside the car that most traditional gaming consoles will not allow. This also means more options and adjustments can be accessed during regular game play. No more having to back out of a race because you realized the configuration you had set up is no longer working for.


Online Play: Drift Hunters (2017)

There are so many free-to-play (F2P) games available on the market that it would difficult to decide which ones to try. Fortunately, Drift Hunters makes it easy to choose. Out of all of the F2P online drifting games available on the market, Drift Hunters seems to offer the most comprehensive programming available for this game type.

Where many online drifting games usually skimp on good configurations in lieu of other features, Drift Hunters allows you to adjust breaks, weight, gearbox settings, turbo type, engine type, as well as things like camber, break sensitivity and height.

This is a great drifting game for players who have fun tweaking their cars to find that perfect balance for the perfect drift. In addition to changes all of these features, you can watch the car change as the features are changed. For example, watch rim styles and colors change as well as body color.

  • Best Design: The courses in Drift Hunters are extremely well-designed and incredibly realistic for a standard F2P style drifting game. Players can weave through shipping containers or dodge an intricately placed set of wooden pallets. When selecting the tracks, the menu provides a detailed image of the track you are selecting, so you can know if it is really the track you want to drive.


For a drifting game meant for your smart device, Drift Hunters is a great way to have fun with drifting games and setting scores online. Play with friends to boast scores and driving capabilities! Look no further than this for an online drifting game.   



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