Drift Company

Basic lessons include doughnuts and figure-8 practices, including three laps around a pre-made circuit designed specifically for drift training. You’ll also go on three high-speed passenger rides, where you sit shotgun and experience how a professional drifter would manage each turn in a competitive environment.

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Drift Company

Special drift car for six hours. Beginners will learn the basic mechanics of drifting in a relaxed setting, with an instructor that will correct your mistakes and show you exactly when to initiate a smooth drift on each turn. Experienced drifters can spend the whole day working on advanced techniques.

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Drift Land

One of the most popular UK drift schools, Driftland will take you from fledgeling drifter to screeching drift eagle through a set of four adrenaline-fuelled lessons. Driftland’s starter experience covers the essentials of drifting, from a short briefing about the track and cars to practising handbrake turns, doughnuts, and figure-8 transitions.

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Drift Style Accessories

01.Drift Style Posters

Our wide variety of amazing to choose from will make you dizzy! Is it because of the HD resolution, or because of the mesmerizing artistry that turns heads quicker than a loud bang inside a haunted mansion? We’ll never know.

02. Drift Style Phone Case

Does your iPhone collect scratches faster than you can say Drift Day UK? You might need a JDM iPhone case to protect your smartphone from blemishes, cuts Drift Style Phone Case and dings.

03. Drift Style Lanyards

The lanyards we make will ensure that in any work space, you will stand out! Not only will your colleagues know about your passion for drift racing, but they’ll also want to be as cool as you. So don’t miss out!

Get The Latest JDM Drift Style Backpacks With Racing Style Harness Straps

Each pack is made from long-lasting ultra-polymer and comes complete with BRIDE style material on the front pocket to show your allegiance! A unique design incorporates racing harnesses rather than traditional straps, giving each JDM backpack an exclusive drift style appearance. You’ll look like you’re ready for a day on the race course when you strap into the exclusive drift style backpacks. Each drifting style backpack is designed to complement a high-speed lifestyle that makes you look great on the track or in the city.


Clients feedback

Keith L Pittman

I absolutely loved every minute of this experience!

Denise W Myers

Learning how to perfect my passion with the help of Drift land was a dream come true!

David D Jackson

The staff are so hospitable and guided me through all the problems I faced during the program.

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